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  Mission Statement  

The Southampton Township School District shall empower our students with the life skills necessary to attain academic excellence while fostering social and emotional growth.

By aligning our academic programs with the 2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and advocating a safe, secure environment, our students become life-long learners and responsible, caring, contributing community members both locally and globally.

It is the expectation of this school district that all students achieve the 2004 New Jersey Core Content Standards at all grade levels.

Through collaboration with parents, faculty, staff, administration, Board of Education and community members, our goal is to make the students the priority as we build a tradition of excellence.

  About The School  

The Wonder Years

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Forging an Educational Alliance

Southampton Township School #3 is committed to providing a meaningful, well-rounded education for the students in grades six through eight. Functioning as a middle school, School #3 provides the students with a positive, safe, learning environment that will be a strong foundation for high school and beyond.

As students enter middle school it is imperative that the lines of communication remain open between home and school. We strive to foster an educational alliance with parents and community members. There are several ways in which we forge this relationship and maintain open lines of communication with our parents. The following are just a few of the ways we have to create that educational partnership with parents: Sixth grade Orientation, district and school newsletters, voice-mail services for all teachers, a district web site, student agenda books, parent-teacher conferences, Back-To-School Night, American Education Week classroom visitations, parent volunteers and PTA. We also have a parent portal as part of our student information system allowing parents access to their children’s grades at any time


 Southampton Township School #3 has a proud tradition of academic excellence. We are focused on educating the students in the classroom by providing a curriculum that will prepare students for the rigors of high school. Our curriculum offers students a strong foundation in all of the core subject areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. In addition students’ schedules also include physical education/health, technology, art, music, Studio Productions (8th Grade), and world language. We also foster character education in our health classes as well as our participation in Red Ribbon Week, Kindness Week, and Violence prevention - anti-bullying programs. Our newest initiatives in curriculum are aligning our current curriculum with the Common Core Content Standards and the development of a STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) Program. Utilizing our in house television studio students produce and present the daily announcements on television. We have also incorporated an Enrichment period that allows the students to receive RtI services, participate in Independent Studies, or explore additional facets of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

Discovery learning and problem solving are methods that are used to enhance the understanding of all curricular areas. Cooperative learning techniques are used to enhance critical thinking skills, as well as prepare students for the work-place readiness skills that are components of the Common Core Standards.  Our high expectations and student performance has continued to rank our school among the top in this area. The instruction provided to the students of School #3 has resulted in notable achievement in all academic areas.

We provide a variety of additional programs that support the curriculum. We offer advanced programming in language arts, math, science, and world language (in the 8th grade), as well as academic support in a smaller class section for language arts and math. We also offer peer tutoring for those students needing additional help. Some of the other academic programs offered outside of the school day include Homework Club, Legoes/Robotics Club, National Junior Honor Society, and the World Cultures Club.


Our academic curriculum is enhanced by numerous other initiatives created to recognize and support student learning outside of the classroom. Each grade level takes at least one field trip during the year. One of our most popular trips is the Sixth Grade Environmental Trip. There is a music program, both instrumental and choral, an annual Art Show, and a Science and Social Studies Fair. We provide a strong interscholastic sports program including field hockey, boys’ and girls’ soccer, cross country, boys’ and girls’ basketball, cheerleading, baseball, girls’ lacrosse and softball. In addition students may participate in student council, peer mediation, peer to peer, drama club, media club, and intermural street hockey. Each month at our School Board meetings we recognize our Students of the Month for their achievements. For the past several years we have implemented the Renaissance Program district wide. This character education program is meant to recognize students for excellence in academics, behavior, attendance, and service.

And Beyond

The entire School #3 educational program is designed to provide students with the ability and drive to be productive, successful members of our society. This effort can only be realized through the continued support and cooperation of the School #3 family. This family is comprised of teachers, support staff, parents, community members, and administrators who are working toward the ultimate goal of helping our students reach their full potential.